Play Pushing Hands - for more advanced practitioners of Tai Chi.

#"Pushing Hands" is often not taught, as it requires physical contact and partner work.

Normally it is very gentle and great for body strength - especially the legs. It can be done competitively, but I think it is best treated as a game (Both for the Mind and Body) - hence 'Play Pushing Hands', as it is often referred to in China.

I have created a sequence of Pushing Hands, based on the 8 energies, called Push hands sequential. It follows the natural sequence of 8 energies, in response to move from you partner. This is:

Push Hands Sequential

1 Peng

2 Lu

3 An

4 Tsai

5 Ji

6 Lieh

7 Jo

8 Kao

Normally the sequence is stated as:

The 8 Energies are: • PENG (extension) • LÜ (brushing, to pass through to the inside) • JI (pressure, Squeeze) • AN (pressing) • CAI (picking, uprooting) • LIE (parts/dividing) • ZHOU (elbow-Energy) • KAO (shoulder energy)

I will explain the differences in my next blog on Pushing Hands.

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