​For Private, one-to-one, tuition in Beeston NG9 6AL Tel: 01159223999 to arrange a lesson,. We can discuss the time and day suitable for us both, and anything else you may wish to know about me, in regards to Tai Chi or Qi Gong.

Some of my students have trained with me for many years and still very much enjoy our sessions. The cost of a 1 hour lesson is £20 per hour e.g. 3/4 hour costs £15.

You can learn many styles and types of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Wushu or Kali Sticks

The choice is yours!

Here's an interesting poem from one of my best students - Vince:
"Just a short story to tell you about me

And some of my journey in learning Tai Chi

I searched all around to see what I’d need

And then found a teacher whose name was John Read


Thirteen years later, I’ve learned lots of tricks

Jumping and pushing and fighting with sticks

John watches intently and checks every movement

The next week it changes – to make an improvement


I’ve now got a black belt but the learning’s ongoing

Five elements and Wushu to keep the Chi flowing

The journey’s not easy and has been a test

But you’ve made it great fun –

Cos you’re one of the best!"

P.S. Vince has learned Wushu and Stick fighting

as well as Yang & Chen style Tai Chi during his 13 years of Training with me.

The changes referred to are refinements, which can only be taught after learning basics.